Meet Max & Madeleine


They are inseparable best friends, born just three weeks apart. In addition to sharing toys and giggles, Max and Madeleine share a challenge. Max, like his little brother Dean, has chemical and food sensitivities, while Madeleine has the type of sensitive skin that most products just can’t remedy.Melissa Moritz (Max’s mom) and Carolynn Mowen (Madeleine’s mom) did what any mom would do – they scoured the stores for “safe and healthy” products to help their kids. Confronted with shelf after shelf of confusing product labels, alarming ingredients and dubious claims, the two friends grew frustrated and decided they’d had enough.

Guided by a shared driving passion to make a difference, Melissa and Carolynn launched Max & Madeleine, a unique social selling company dedicated to helping you separate fact from fiction and toxic from safe. At our parties we gather together as friends to empower through education while experiencing clean, safe products crafted in the USA. We scour farmer’s markets, spend hours researching ingredients, and test recipes in our own kitchens to ensure our products are the best we can offer your family.

We know raising a healthy family can be a challenge. We hope you will join the Max & Madeleine movement by trying our products, gathering your friends together at a party to learn more, or joining our team as an Advisor to make a difference in your own community.

Let’s nurture more naturally together – join the Max & Madeleine movement!

Meet the Founders

Melissa Moritz

Melissa Moritz, Co-Founder

“Both of my boys, Dean and Max, are ‘miracle babies’ conceived after heartbreaking bouts of infertility. Searching for answers, I learned a lot about endocrine-disrupting chemicals and their role in health and infertility issues. I thought I was educated, but I really didn’t know what I didn’t know. The products I was 100% convinced were healthy actually sent Dean to the hospital with a head-to-toe rash when he was just 3 weeks old! Max has chemical and food sensitivities as well. It can’t just be a coincidence that as chemical use has increased in the U.S., these types of sensitivities in children have increased as well. I want to help people create healthy environments for their families.”

Carolynn Mowen

Carolynn Mowen, Co-Founder

“Health has been a lifelong interest of mine – I’m mindful of the products I choose and try to eat healthy. But I soon realized the issue is much larger than me. There are many people who don’t have the information, resources or time to deal with the overwhelming explosion of ‘healthy’ products – and yet they want to do what’s right for their families. I’m convinced that exposure to chemicals and toxins played a role in Madeleine’s sensitive skin. I want to help people navigate the confusing marketplace and provide them with products they can trust.”