Healthy Families First

At Max & Madeleine we are committed to creating healthy families and ultimately a healthier world. We are passionate about bringing cleaner products to you and your loved ones by way of transparency, integrity and community.

Make Better Choices

Raising a healthy family is challenging enough. We want to make it simpler and easier for parents to choose healthier products in a world of overwhelming choices and misinformation. Join our newsletter and blog updates to get educated on the latest trends. Reach out to one of our Advisors who are expert community builders and will help you make more informed and safer decision on the best products.

Ingredients with Purpose

Our ingredients serve a purpose in their products and are 100% non-toxic, organic when possible and made in the USA. We include and label ALL ingredients on the product so no surprises here or mystery names you can’t pronounce. You can count on Max & Madeleine products to be natural and safe for your whole family.

Social Impact, One Change at a Time

If purposeful ingredients are the heart of Max & Madeleine products, then community is our driving force to deliver the social impact the products represent. Our expert Advisors lead the way in building, connecting and educating the Max & Madeleine community of families to make better decisions when selecting the right healthy ingredients and products. For every family that chooses to be free of toxins means we move closer to making our world healthier and safer, one change at a time.

Give Back. Share the Wealth

Max & Madeleine recognizes that a sustainable movement has to be shared with others. Our Advisors are a special group of leaders who educate and advocate healthier choices through interactive social selling events. We created this freedom based business opportunity for those who believe in our mission and want to actively take part in the company’s success, rewards and support. It’s a lifestyle business that gives back to those who are the most passionate. But we can’t do it alone, and you won’t be alone. We are committed to growing our cause and our team members who support it.