Why a Max & Madeleine Party?

Experience learning and having fun at the same time by holding a Max & Madeleine party. Learn what the trends are out there when it comes to safe and non-toxic products for your family!

Learn from two MOM’s who have personally experienced toxic products and what the effects were on their families and their journey to educate consumers!

Just by hosting an event with family and friends, you get the chance to earn Max & Madeleine product credits (FREE PRODUCTS), half price on your favorite products… AND Host exclusives items only available to those that HOST a Max & Madeleine event. And – you have FUN!

Let our Advisors do the work for you, please use the link below to find a Max & Madeleine Host near you!

Host Rewards Program

Party Retail Sales Host Product Credits Earned ½ off Items Host Exclusives Items ONLY
(Special Retail Price)
Getting Started Level
$150 – $249
$20 4 *
Having Fun Level
$250 – $399
$40 5 *
Getting Serious Level
$400 – $599
$60 6 *
Winner Level
$600+ $80
$80 7 *


  • Half priced items can not be applied towards Host Product credits.
  • Host rewards are redeemed at close of party. Max & Madeleine parties need to be closed in the system within 5 days of party being held.
  • Host exclusive items are made available only for a HOST that holds a qualified Max & Madeleine party. The Host exclusives cannot be used for 1/2 price item redemption.
  • A qualified Max & Madeleine party must be $150 in retail sales or higher and contain a minimum of 4 guest purchases in order to qualify for HOST rewards.