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You can be in business for yourself but not by yourself

Be part of a team changing the world through cleaner products and healthier choices. Whether joining the Max & Madeleine team to earn a full time income, or just a few hours a week – we have a success plan to help you earn a residual income to pay for your Max & Madeleine monthly products OR create a full time revenue stream from the convenience of your home!”

Whatever it is – we want you to join our team and do the business the way it works best for you and your lifestyle.

Your Business Is In the Bag!

Everything you need to begin your  Max & Madeleine business is included in your Starter/Enrollment Kit.


Business Basics Kit

$99 (A $200 value)

A selection of our most popular products
Deodorant (random)
Healing Balm
Bar Soap (random)
Boo Boo Stick
All Over Moisturizer
lip balms (2 random)
Aromatherapy Bath Salt (random)
Bug Bite Balm
Muscle Miracle
Shampoo Bar (random)
Aromatherapy Rollerball (random)
Lip Scrub (random)
Household Cleaner (random)
Lip Tints (2 random)


Basic Business Supplies
Max & Madeleine Tote Bag
15 catalogs
25 order forms
Marketing materials
1st Month Personalized
eCommerce Website



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