We want you to join our team & do the business the way it works best for you and your lifestyle.

  • Exclusive Founder Circle Bonus Pool
    (be part of an exclusive – limited time only – early leadership group that earns shares in company profits*)
  • Advancement Bonuses up to $500
    (promote up the Max & Madeleine career ladder and earn exclusive cash bonuses along the way)
  • Sponsor Matching Bonuses up to $500
    (as your personally sponsored team member advances, you are rewarded too)
  • Max Start Achievement Bonus
    (earn $100 shopping spree toward business promotional materials during your 1st 60 days)
  • Leader Generation Overrides up to 4 Generations
    (build Generation Leaders within your organization and be rewarded with team group bonuses infinity* deep to 4 Generations)
  • Team (level) Bonuses up to 12%
    (earn bonus commissions on your downline, up to 3 levels deep)
  • Mentoring Bonus
    (earn an additional 5% override on the sales of your personally sponsored Advisors during their first 90 days, no cap)
  • Personal Group Building Bonus
    (earn additional cash bonuses on the performance of titled Managers and higher within your personal/central team)
  •  25% Commission on Personal Retail Sales
    (retail products from your replicated website or at Max and Madeleine parties to customers and earn up to 25% in retail commissions)
  • Power Seller Bonus  – Earn up to 10% more!
    (power sellers earn up to an additional 10% on personal retail sales volume each calendar month, on top of the 25% base commission)

* Refer to Max and Madeleine’s Career Plan and Compensation Definitions for full details and description of programs, qualifications and maintenance.